Update: Empire Avenue, new social game or social media timesink?

Well, it’s been nine months since Empire Avenue opened its doors to the public and it seems to have really established itself as one of the more addicting social games out there. The site has evolved significantly since it’s launch, adding a enhancements such as the ability to invest in Twitter accounts, regardless of whether they have joined the site.

Empire Avenue Tip – Adding Multiple Twitter Accounts

For those that have been playing the new social investment game, Empire Avenue, you might have come across the limitation that you are only allowed to link one Twitter account to your profile. While most folks use a single Twitter account, there are those of us that have two (or more) and would like to include those tweets in our EAve profile, especially since the number of updates you make to your timeline impacts your EAve Influence score.

Empire Avenue, new social game or social media timesink?

Last Thursday, a new social media game called Empire Avenue opened its virtual doors to the public and offered us the ability to invest in each other. Much like the stock market, each user chooses their own stock symbol and seeks to show others how influential they are through blog posts, tweets, and photos on Flickr. The concept is novel, but after being on the site and actively trading for five days, I have yet to see any value returned to the users.