The KISS Method For Determining Social Media ROI

Attend any corporate meeting on social media initiatives and it’s likely that you’ll hear a question or two along the lines of “how is this selling us more product” or “what’s the ROI on these activities”? Unfortunately, many social media strategists get caught up in the numbers that relate specifically to social media and they forget about the numbers that are meaningful to their business.

What Is A Social Intranet And Is It Right For My Company?

Are you considering the addition of a social media component to your business Intranet? Guest blogger Karleen Murphy shares her thoughts on what makes for a good social Intranet.

Attention Corporate Executives! Your Time For Social Media Leadership Is Now!

As a corporate executive, are you embracing the advantages that social media can bring your business? Or are you sticking your head in a hole, hoping that it is a passing fad? Now is the time to embrace social media and the opportunities it presents!