Facebook Places Dies A Hard Death….Big Surprise?

Gizmodo is reporting that Facebook places has taken a social media dirtnap. Going the path of snowball fights and gifts, it’s presumed that Facebook isn’t seeing the uptake, the value, or the ability to compete with FourSquare.

Forget The Badges And Stickers – Social Checkin Apps Need To Start Offering Value!

If one thing holds true in the world of social media, change is inevitable. Facebook gets it, Twitter gets it, even Google, with it’s failed attempts at social applications gets it. Geolocation social media apps like FourSquare, GoWalla, GetGlue, and Yelp haven’t quite “gotten it” yet, though, and if they don’t figure it out soon, Facebook is going to eat their lunch.

Facebook Places Is A Big Privacy FAIL

Earlier this week, Facebook announced the launch of it’s new geolocation feature named “Places”. If you previously have been ignoring services like FourSquare, GoWalla, Yelp, and WeReward you might want to start paying attention RIGHT NOW!

Are GeoSocial Apps Good For Businesses? Only If They Participate And Give Back

I have been pondering the value of geosocial apps like FourSquare, Gowalla, Yelp and others for a while now. In fact, when FourSquare was first launched and everyone was updating their Twitter and Facebook feeds with their locations, I declared it the most annoying social app ever invented. Luckily, most people figure out that we really don’t care to know where you are at all times and have adjusted their settings.