[BrainDump] 101+ Things You Should Know About Social Media And Blogging

In this post, I do a social media brain dump of tips, best practices, and experiences regarding social media strategy and the various social networking channels.

[Answered] If Bounce Rate Isn’t Critical, What Blog Metric Matters For Measuring Content Value?

If bounce rate isn’t a great metric to use to measure your blog posts, what is a good metric to determine whether visitors like your content?

The Ironic Beauty Of Google Indexing Tweets And Why Content Marketers Should Pay Attention

Ever wondered whether tweeting about a blog post could actually expand your keyword traffic? It appears that it can do exactly that!

PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.

I have a real, valid reason for asking you not to visit my Google+ page. Check out this post and you’ll understand why.

Creating A Friendly URL For Your Google Plus Page

Want to create a friendly URL for your Google+ page? Leverage a simple plugin and your Wordpress blog to easily make your Google Plus URL easier to remember!

Good Or Bad – You Must Engage With Your Customers Through Social Media

Participating in the social space is becoming a cost of doing business for most companies and requires preparation for engagement with customers who have had both positive and negative experiences. Are you ready to engage?

Sorry Google+ Even A Really Cute Muppets Commercial Won’t Convert Users

Sorry, Google. It will take actual new feature functionality to draw me back to Google+. Until then, thanks for the cute Muppets commercial, though.

Google Waves Goodbye To Wave…Should They Do The Same To Google+?

Um…did everyone forget to tell Google that GWave died about 2 years ago? Are they just now getting around to turning out the lights? Maybe they intended to send this message about Google+ and forgot to change the name from “Google Wave” to “Google+”?

10 Surefire Metrics You Can Use (Or Not Use) To Measure Your Blog

Think about it….with traditional Web sites, we measure metrics like page views, unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate, and referring domains. But with behaviors like tweeting, Facebook posting, digging, stumbling, pinning, I find myself drawn to other metrics when looking at Google Analytics.

Cartoon: Social Media Overload

Let’s face it, there are a ton of social media sites out there and trying to participate in all of them may spread your resources and your budget way too thin. Instead of trying to be everywhere, take some time to analyze each platform and their potential benefits and then develop and entrance plan for those that meet your needs.

Welcome To Google+…The Ultimate Social Media SausageFest

Google+ has been quite the talk of the social-sphere this week and according to some (or at least those on Google+) it’s the fastest growing social network ever with 4.5 million users as of today and some projecting 7 million tomorrow. Heck, it’s easy to sign up, just get an invite to a friend sent to your Gmail account (which everyone in the universe appears to have) and then click “OK”. Easy right? But while the numbers are impressive, a successful, ongoing social network isn’t about signups, it’s about engagements.