iPhone 5 May Have A Larger Screen – Keeping Up With The EVO, Apple?

Okay iPhone users…if you made fun of the HTC EVO owners because their phone was so big, be prepared to eat humble pie if you want to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Apple is apparently beefing up the size of the screen, and the size of the phone.

Android Phone Sales Surpass iPhones For The First Time

The Nielsen Company is reporting that in Q2 2010 new sales of Android-based smart phones in the US surpassed those of the iPhone for the first time. Global sales are increasing, as well, with Canalys estimating an 866% uptick worldwide from Q2 2009. The increase in sales is being attributed to the maturation of the platform, as well as media hype for phones such as Verizon’s Droid X and Sprint’s HTC EVO.