Natural Disasters Highlight The Importance Of Social & Digital Communication

In light of recent events in Japan and the fact that U.S. corporations rely heavily on communicating with their employees, suppliers, and partners in Japan, I thought it might be good to re-post this article and share it with my followers here at SocMedSean.

Are You Planning To Use QR Codes In Your 2011 Marketing?

As I mentioned in a previous article, some marketing firms are really starting to use QR codes in unique, effective ways. Yesterday, Mashable published a great infographic on the current state of understanding of QR codes, where they started, and how they have evolved.

Sprint Overdrive 4G WiFi Hotspot – Needs To Be Less “Hot” and More “Spot”

The Sprint Overdrive just isn’t a viable replacement for cable or DSL yet. Even though I live right in the middle of a 4G hotspot, I was not able to keep stable service and the device has serious overheating issues that need to be addressed.

What Will We Call The Next Generation Of Communication Devices?

Our handheld communication devices have been known by quite a few names. They started as “cellular phones”, shortened to “cell phones” & shifted toward “mobile phones”.

New Featured Video: Why You Shouldn’t Walk And Text

Ever found yourself so engrossed in reading or sending a text message that you ended up walking somewhere you hadn’t intended? Or even worse, ever walked into someone? The girl in this video takes this one step further (pun completely intended) and ends up somewhere she surely didn’t plan to.