Dear Dairy Queen and Edge Shave Gel – Stop Ripping Off The Old Spice Guy

Dairy Queen and Edge Shaving Gel have created terrible ripoff commercials based on the Old Spice Guy platform. Lame.

Another Win For Old Spice

Unless you were living under a social media rock a couple of weeks ago, you’re probably aware of the Old Spice Twitter/YouTube campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa to took the social media world by storm. During the week-long campaign, a team of 35 people produced more than 100 video responses to Tweets and YouTube comments.

Farewell Old Spice Guy! You will be missed, but your legacy lives on!

After a fun week of watching the Old Spice guy interact with his Twitter follower via YouTube, I am saddened to see the campaign come to an end. His caring, sensitive, and often nonsensical responses offered two elements that are critical to social media: value and interaction.