Building A Social Media Strategy? Be Sure To Include Your Intranet Manager!

Ahhh…reinventing the wheel. It’s an age-old tradition for a lot of organizations, especially when it comes to changes in technology. Some new class of productivity software comes along and the entire IT organization has to come to a grinding halt while a new strategy is defined. Remember stopping to define an ECM strategy? Or maybe it was an ERP strategy. Or could it have been an CRM strategy. Don’t even think about that amount of time and energy devoted to developing a .com or eCommerce strategy!

Social Networking Policies – Balancing Collective Wisdom With Individual Stupidity

Each day, it seems that more and more folks are dipping their toes into the world of Social Networking by creating Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and LinkedIn accounts. And each day, we’re entertained with stories of folks who get “Facebook fired”, shoot off an improper Tweet that lands them in hot water, or and share confidential information on their personal blog. Recently, Helen A.S. Popkin wrote an excellent article for called “Twitter gets you fired in 140 characters or less” which details some of the follies of folks who have overstepped the boundaries from responsible social networking into, well…just TMI.

Social Media Cartoon: The Corporate Social Media Strategy

As employees continue to use social media in the workplace, it will be up to Social Media Strategists to educate organizational leaders about the value of social media and the how the various channels can be used to enhance employee collaboration and drive business.