10 Surefire Metrics You Can Use (Or Not Use) To Measure Your Blog

Think about it….with traditional Web sites, we measure metrics like page views, unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate, and referring domains. But with behaviors like tweeting, Facebook posting, digging, stumbling, pinning, I find myself drawn to other metrics when looking at Google Analytics.

Marketers: Ten Surefire Ways To Irritate Me With Your Spam

I started to think more and more about the amount of junk we have to sift through in our daily lives and how distracting they can be from those activities that are important. Throughout the day, I started documenting the things that I felt distracted me and here’s the running list:

[SOLVED] Twitter Tip – Changing From Mobile To Standard Desktop View In Safari On The iPad

Switching between mobile and desktop views of Twitter on the iPad should be easy, right? It’s not. Here’s the link to easily switch to the desktop view of Twitter on your iPad.

Comic: Newfangled Social Networking

I’m still amazed by how many people consider “social networking” to be a new phenomena and link it’s creation to the launch of sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Cartoon: Social Media Resources

Some organizations treat social media as a part-time activity and don’t dedicate the required time and resources. Be sure that you’re not undermining the success of your social strategy by expecting employees to maintain your social channels in their “spare time”

Twitter 101 Cartoon – Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

An easy way to increase your Twitter followers is to buy them, but it’s also a quick way to get banned. That’s why I recommend you don’t buy Twitter followers.

10 Surefire Ways To Get Me To Follow Your Twitter Account

As a followup to my previous article on 10 Surefire Ways To Get Me To Avoid Your Twitter Account, I thought it might be a good idea to write a post detailing good habits that will attract me to review and (hopefully) follow your account. This post is dedicated to my good friend @michelejarchow who is just getting started on Twitter, so I hope these tips and best practices help her ease into Twitter and discover the great resource that it can be.

Cartoon: Finding A Social Media Expert

Finding someone to help you with your social media strategy isn’t always easy. Don’t be fooled by what people say in their online profiles or even their blogs. Just like interviewing any potential job candidate, ask for references and past experience, and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Cartoon: The Social Media “Me-Too”s

Everyone wants to create the next “Facebook-killer” or “Twitter-killer”. Maybe what entrepreneurs should be focusing on is coming up with new applications that offer brand-new features and functionality, instead of just copying what Facebook and Twitter have and bolting on some extra features. {ahem…Google+}

Cartoon: Social Media Overload

Let’s face it, there are a ton of social media sites out there and trying to participate in all of them may spread your resources and your budget way too thin. Instead of trying to be everywhere, take some time to analyze each platform and their potential benefits and then develop and entrance plan for those that meet your needs.

New Cartoon: The Social Media Kneejerk

Engaging in social media means preparing for potential crisis situations. Whether it’s an angry customer, a mistake in a tweet, or some other situation, you need to have a social media crisis plan in place to determine who will handle the situation, how it will be handled, and what process will be followed.

Update: Empire Avenue, new social game or social media timesink?

Well, it’s been nine months since Empire Avenue opened its doors to the public and it seems to have really established itself as one of the more addicting social games out there. The site has evolved significantly since it’s launch, adding a enhancements such as the ability to invest in Twitter accounts, regardless of whether they have joined the site.

Confessions Of A Social Media Introvert

Most people who know me, would never classify me as an introvert. If you saw me at a dinner party or a conference, you’d probably never guess it, because I’m usually the guy telling stories, laughing loudly, and entertaining the crowd.

Social Media Cartoon: The Social Media Guru, Expert, Or Wizard

Seems like a lot of the Twitter profiles I come across lately of social media professionals have the term “expert”, “guru”, or “wizard” somewhere in the profile.

Cartoon: The Social Media Budget

As social media engagement grows, organizations will need to begin adding social media expenses into their budgets as part of the cost of doing business. Like telephones, computers, and websites, having a Facebook page and Twitter account, and the appropriate headcount to support them, will soon be commonplace.