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Technology Is Reshaping Our Language And The Way We Communicate

Great YouTube video from the fine folks at The One Ronnie demonstrating that what we say and what mean are clearly being redefined by advances in technology. The skit plays on the fact that common terms like Apple, Orange, Blackberry, date, crash, frozen, Windows, boot, and a host of other words have been co-opted as technical and mobile terms.

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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Think about all of the words that have new meanings, due to the introduction of new technologies or social networks. The words “friend” or “like” will never be the same as they were before Facebook. “Tweet” and “Pin” have certainly taken on new meaning with the launches of Facebook and Twitter. In fact, social media has literally reshaped a portion of our vocabulary.

As Pinterest continues to grow in membership and traffic, the dialog of

Know of other great examples of tech-takeover of words? Leave a comment and share your thoughts/stories!