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The 10 Most Common Questions I Hear When I Tell People That I Blog for a Living

Ever wonder whether blogging is a real job? Believe it or not, bloggers can get higher salaries than you think, and it’s easier to get started in blogging than you might imagine. Here are a few insights that might help you better understand how valuable blogging can be.

Is Blogging a Real Job?

Is Blogging a Real Job

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Yes! Blogging is a real job. It’s possible to make a steady income as a professional blogger. Some very successful bloggers are able to bring in over $300 million a year.

Of course, those are pretty crazy numbers that most people shouldn’t expect to see, but the fact remains that countless people are blogging as a career, earning several thousand dollars a month just from building and maintaining their blogs.

Blogging can be a great source of passive income, and if this appeals to you, I would encourage you to give it a try, with one caveat: don’t quit your day job just yet.

A good blog takes time to create and monetize. Like any new business venture, it won’t start paying for itself overnight.

Give yourself time to build your new blog and adjust to the learning curve. This is going to be your side hustle for a while, but with hard work and patience you will gradually see a return on your efforts.

Can You Make Money from Blogging?

Can You Make Money from Blogging

Yes, you can absolutely make money from blogging. However, the amount of money you make depends on your specific niche and which monetization methods you choose.

While some niche topics may be more profitable than others, it’s important to choose a niche that you personally are passionate about. Your blog will be fueled by your own inspiration and interests, so it’s important to choose something that won’t dry up quickly.

The amount of time it takes a blogger to make money can vary as well, depending on how successful their blog posts are.

Several different methods exist for you to use to make money from blogging, and the ones you choose to employ will be a matter of trial and error, as well as personal preference. Some commonly used methods include selling ad placements, choosing a more profitable niche, producing a podcast, getting a sponsor, or writing sponsored product reviews.

How Do You Come Up with Blog Ideas?

How Do You Come Up with Blog Ideas

First and foremost, I don’t mind restating the importance of choosing a blog topic that you find deeply interesting. You have to love what you’re writing about, or your inspiration will dry up eventually.

Don’t write about digital marketing if your real passion is health and self-care. But even the most passionate blogger will sometimes run out of blog post ideas. Here are some tips for getting through a dry spell.

  • Have a file where you keep ideas. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to be available when an idea strikes. Just a simple note on your phone can be a lifesaver when it’s time to create fresh content.
  • Ask your audience. Your readers will tell you what they want to hear more of, so take advantage of your comment section and social media accounts for ideas.
  • Use targeted searches. If your audience isn’t asking direct questions, you can still find out what people are asking related to your topic by using targeted searches. Software such as Semrush is a wonderful tool to help you find this information.
  • Expand existing blog posts. If you’re truly at a loss to find fresh topics, it can be helpful to revisit fan favorites. Use your analytics tool to find your most popular blog posts, and go from there.

Can you update an older post to further increase traffic? Or maybe write a fresh post as a follow-up? Perhaps a whole new series can be developed based on your greatest hits.

  • Find trending topics. Tools like Google Trends are a simple way to figure out what people are searching for right now.

This is a great way to ensure your content is on par with what’s trending online. It’s also a good technique for finding new material when you are feeling less than inspired.

Do People Take Bloggers Seriously?

Do People Take Bloggers Seriously

Maybe some naysayers will think bloggers are wasting their time, but why listen to the haters?

Obviously blogging is still relevant because people are still searching for content and reading blogs, and bloggers are still able to make a career out of what they do. So yes, bloggers need to be taken seriously.

How Do You Get Started in Blogging?

How Do You Get Started in Blogging

The steps for getting started in blogging are pretty simple. Sticking with it and building up your blog, though, is the key to success.

Follow these steps to get your feet wet in the world of blogging:

  1. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you’ll need to choose a name for your blog and get a domain. Your domain will be your URL and also the title of your blog, so choose wisely. You’ll also need to set up hosting and decide which plan you will use.
  2. Start your blog by using WordPress. It’s a free download that you will need to install on your computer. I don’t recommend starting a blog without it.
  3. Pick a theme for your blog. WordPress makes this very easy, and it’s an important step in creating your blog because this affects how your site is going to look.

This will be a separate download, and depending on which theme you choose, you may need to purchase it. Simply download the theme you want and save it to a zip file.

Then return to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance – Themes. From there, upload your new theme, install, and active it.

  1. Once you have your theme in place, it’s time to install a few plugins to that will find your readers and track your stats. Select Plugins – Add New on your dashboard.

Then install Yoast SEO and Google Analytics to your site. These are free plugins and are absolutely essential for starting a successful blog.

  1. Start writing content! Now you can start having some fun and building your brand. Don’t forget to make a logo for your blog and add a photo of yourself and an About page.

Is Blogging Dying?

Is Blogging Dying

Absolutely not! Blogging is still very much alive.

In fact, 77%, of internet users are still reading blogs every day. However, there are certain aspects of blogging that are indeed dead or dying and avoiding these practices will prevent your blog from appearing dated or irrelevant.

Some of these include clickbait headlines that don’t deliver, blogging about everything in your daily life, or blogging too frequently in an attempt to increase traffic. Today’s successful blogs are all about quality over quantity.

I hope I’ve convinced you that blogging is a legit source of income and is still respectable and relevant. Did I miss anything? Leave your feedback in the comments section below!