The DoubleShot: A Lesson In How To Piss Off Your Customers Using Social Media

Whoops! Looking for a good social media case study on how NOT to behave on Twitter? The Doubleshot, a Tulsa, Oklahoma coffee shop got a dose of social media reality when it tweeted a notice to its customers that breastfeeding was no longer allowed in their shop.

Notice: No breastfeeding at the Doubleshot. Thank You.

The Doubleshot coffee house took a big risk by tweeting that breastfeeding wasn't allowed in their establishment. Big Mistake.

Hmmm….do you see a TweetStorm coming? Hundreds of tweets responding to the Doubleshot letting them know that they won’t be patronizing the coffee shop or reminding them that breastfeeding is legally protected in Oklahoma.

Um, what the hell? I know where I'm never buying coffee again. Doucheshot. I will never go there. So adults can drink in public, but babies cant?

...and the Tweetstorm begins. Mothers on Twitter unleashed their rath on the Doubleshot

So…the best thing to do would be to just apologize, right? An honest mistake made in front of the entire Twitterverse can often be resolved with a simple “Sorry…we made a mistake.” But the folks at the Doubleshot chose to take a different route:

Settle down folks. We just don't like walking across the roomand seeing your breast. Maybe you could do that in private

Whoops! Mistake #2. Argue with mothers about their right to breastfeed in public.

Hmmm…..not really the apology that the Tweetverse was looking for. After 20 or 30 more flaming Tweets at how angry people were with the Doubleshot, they finally felt the pressure and caved:

Ok, ok. Breastfeeding allowed again at the doubelshot. Hey! Breastfeeding all around!

Finally...the doubleshot wises up.

As you can imagine, this half-hearted attempt at a solution didn’t really quiet the masses.  Instead, it fueled a day of angry tweets which ended up with a spot on Fox news

The lesson is simple…Think Before You Tweet and when you make a mistake, say you’re sorry.

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  1. Wow, I thought this issue was dealt with a decade ago … not cool. Thanks for sharing.


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