The New Twitter Layout Just Doesn’t Feel Ready For Prime Time

Okay, bear with me for moment while my internal social media curmudgeon comes out.  As I was going through and checking out some new followers on Twitter tonight, I started to run into an issue that seems to keep recurring with the new Twitter layout. I’ll get through three or four profiles and then Twitter will start to load the header and then a blank screen where the person’s profile is supposed to be.

The New Twitter Profile Has Been Shooting Blanks Lately

Even better, sometimes I get a beautiful Out Of Memory Error….and it doesn’t matter whether I’m using Firefox, IE or Chrome.

Nice out of memory error from Twitter

I’ve been chalking it up to a slow API or an overload on the Twitter servers lately, but I thought I’d click on that link up in the menu that says “Switch To Old Twitter” (yes…it’s still there in the dropdown menu) and guess what?!? Problem solved.

The Old Twitter Layout Seems To Work Just Fine

So this got me thinking about whether the users of Twitter are really getting anything out of the new Twitter layout. The old layout gave us all the goodies like recommended people, who to follow, and search. We were able to see trending topics and easily find the links to our RSS feeds. Additionally, Twitter had a footer and only displayed 20 tweets at a time. Personally, I don’t like the constant scroll that Twitter has implemented that loads more tweets as you scroll down the page.

Was the old layout that bad? Did it really need to change…or is it just in preparation for more ads and promoted tweets? I get that Twitter is free and they need to figure out a good way to monetize it. I also understand that they’re looking for ways to add multimedia to the site to make it a more rich experience.

Call me a Twitter purist, but I use Twitter for two purposed. To connect and to find links. I don’t mind if the links open to a different site, it exposes me to new blogs and sites that I might not have ever found. If I wanted all the content brought to me in a single space, I would just head over to my Facebook account and, trust me….Twitter is NEVER going to go toe-to-toe with Facebook.

So…folks at Twitter…stick to the basics and do it well. Stay with status updates and links and help us find content to read/share and find new people to connect with.

For now, I’m sticking with the old layout, until Twitter forces me to change. Anyone with me?

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