This Is Your Life…Sponsored By Facebook! Timeline Feature Announced At F8 Conference

In case you have been living under a rock, Facebook announced some “Epic” changes at their F8 conference today. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announce that Facebook will be adding “Timelines” to their list of features, essentially allowing you to document your life in a manner similar to online scrapbooking.

Facebook announced Timelines functionality at their F8 conference

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Timelines allows you to upload photos, videos and journals and apply timing to them, allowing Facebook to create a chronological timeline of the events that make up your life. Obviously, Facebook would like users to upload as much content as possible since it allows Facebook to target ads even more closely to users needs/desires.

While the concept of a life timeline is something that Facebook users have been requesting for a while and has been explored by companies like ThisMoment and, Facebook is the first company to have the membership and the clout to pull it off.

The concept does raise security concerns in the fact that cyber-stalkers, identify thieves, and marketers would love to know everything about you, where you’re going, what you have done, and what you like. The reality, however, is that it is still completely up to the user to control their privacy settings on the media to determine who gets to see what comment.

I’d be curious to hear whether folks are excited about this type of timeline functionality or whether it’s just one more feature that isn’t of use (like Facebook places,  gifts or credits). What did you think of the big announcement and do you think it’s “Epic”?


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