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[UPDATED] OnlyFans Content Ideas: Tips to help you grow your OnlyFans account

By now, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the social media phenomenon that is OnlyFans. The UK-based platform has exploded in popularity in recent years, now boasting over 130 million users.

Its success has been fueled by a decidedly simple premise: content creators can share media (usually in the form of videos and photos) and chat with “fans” for a monthly subscription fee.

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What is OnlyFans, and why is it so popular?

There isn’t anything especially groundbreaking or innovative about the technology behind OnlyFans; certainly, there have been glitzier social media upstarts that have cratered. So, what is it about this app, created by British businessman Tim Stokely with the help of £10,000 loan from his brother, that has ignited the popular interest?

What is OnlyFans content ideas

OnlyFans is not your typical social media site in the sense that it caters heavily to to adult content creators. But, thanks in part to the pandemic, OnlyFans is no longer a niche platform, there are many onlyfans content ideas for a broader range audience.

NOTE: According to the OnlyFans website, the proper name of the company is refered to as OnlyFans without a space. However there are a ton of folks who are conducting searches for terms like “Only Fans content ideas” and “Only Fans bio ideas” with a space in the name. The fact that they were using the space had us questioning the usage and we confirmed that the proper use is OnlyFans without a space.

At a time when a large portion of the world’s population was confined at home, OnlyFans’ remote-friendly interface became the perfect vehicle to deliver content of all types. And the thing that made OnlyFans unique wan’t necessarily the platform, but the different types of content that creators brought to the platform.

Yes, let’s be up-front and acknowledge that adult content drove a LOT of the success of OnlyFans initially. But as the number of creators on the site has grown, so have the different type of content. The goal of this post is to help everyone understand that OnlyFans can work for a variety of content and give some different OnlyFans ideas in case you are trying to find a new platform for your content. 

What other kinds of content can you find on OnlyFans?

only fans content ideas

In a word, everything. The genius of OnlyFans is in the simplicity and no-nonsense functionality of its user interface. Everything is geared toward making content easy to package and sell; in addition to a base monthly subscription fee, creators can upsell individual pieces of content, run discount deals, and use a variety of promotional tools. For the practical purpose of monetizing creative work, only fans is an ideal platform for any type of content.

In the sections below, we’ll provide some guidance that non-adult creators can use to get started on OnlyFans, as well as suggestions for OnlyFans content.

Step 1: Choose a topic of focus for your OnlyFans account

Choose a topic of focus for your OnlyFans username account

While the majority of the press surrounding OnlyFans focuses on its impact among adult performers, the site is also home to a thriving population of all types of creatives, including musicians, photographers, gamers, crafters and comedians. Chances are, if you’ve got an angle, there are others of the same mind who have already run with it.

As with any platform, you’ll want to put some thought into defining your genre and your target audience. Don’t worry if you don’t slot neatly into a conventional category – OnlyFans’ search feature doesn’t focus much on segmentation.

OnlyFans TIP: Your OnlyFans username should be reflected of your personality or your content. When setting up your OnlyFans account, your username will also define what your personal URL is on the site. So choose something meaningful that will someone understand what your channel is about by only glancing at your URL. 

Step 3: Create an interesting OnlyFans profile and bio

onlyfans bio ideas

On OnlyFans, the most important part of your bio is your profile picture. It’s likely that this will be the first and/or main point of reference for prospective fans. Thus, when you’re brainstorming OnlyFans bio ideas you’ll want to make sure that you put something that is attention-grabbing and that also will clearly communicate the type of content you’re providing.

It’s hard to give a one-sized-fits all recipe for what makes a good OnlyFans bio, because it often depends on the type of content you’re going to share. Giving a good example of a musical OnlyFans bio wouldn’t necessarily fit for a health and wellness OnlyFans account. So trying to find a good OnlyFans bio example can be tough.

When thinking through your bio, think about what your potential subscribers might want to see. If you’re a yoga instructor, a picture of your most challenging pose would be a good option. If you’re a guitar player, you’ll want to display your axe that rocks the hardest.

You’ll also want to put some thought into your username. For OnlyFans name ideas, you can use the top creators on the site as a reference for the type of naming convention that works well. In general, the best OnlyFans username ideas are the ones that are short, unique, and memorable.

Step 3: Create a tier structure that maximizes value for your supporters

Create a tier structure that maximizes value for your only fans content ideas

In terms of functionality, you’ll find a lot to work with on the business back-end of OnlyFans. One of the most useful features is the ability to create tiered subscription plans.

Conventional pricing strategy dictates that the more pricing levels you’re able to offer, the better you’ll be able to deliver value that meets each customer’s specific wants and preferences.

Step 4: Generating OnlyFans content ideas

Generating onlyfans content ideas

Here is where you’ll want to let yourself shine, and to do so in a way that has immediate, easy-to-digest appeal. Pictures are good; videos are better. Listing your ideas to generate a topic can be a good brainstorming technique.

You can get creative with the style and tone, depending on the audience – for example, short, teaser videos can help build awareness and attract new fans, while custom content curated for your top fans can help with retention.

Step 5: Organize the delivery of your OnlyFans content

Organize the delivery of your OnlyFans content with your onlyfans username

OnlyFans lets you publish a calendar for content delivery. This is an important feature to utilize if you want to cultivate a loyal fanbase. Updating your calendar gets your fans excited for upcoming content and lets them know that they can expect consistent value for their subscription.

If you are expecting any disruptions to your schedule, be up front in communicating them. In these cases, giving out some compensatory perks or freebies can help smooth over any dissatisfaction.

Tips for promoting your OnlyFans account

Tips for promoting your OnlyFans bios ideas and account

No social media account is an island these days. Ideally, your OnlyFans profile will be integrated into an aggregator like Linktree that shows all of your social media accounts in one place – that way, anyone who is connected to you on one platform will be able to easily view all of your other channels.

Note that promoting an OnlyFans link on Instagram can run you afoul of censors – to avoid getting labeled as adult content, be sure to avoid any explicit language in your promotional text.

Build a brand that is different from others

create your only fans bio ideas

OnlyFans is a crowded space, so if your goal is to accumulate followers, you’ll want to focus on OnlyFans content ideas that will make someone stop scrolling and click through to your profile. Once you’ve got their attention, it’s a matter of delivering something that they can’t find elsewhere.

Here are three OnlyFans creators who have found success by delivering unique content:

  • Bandman Kevo is a musician by trade but has leveraged OnlyFans as a platform to communicate financial and life advice to fans. With 20,000 fans subscribing for $50 a month, it’s a strategy that has worked to spectacular success.
  • Toby Chung is a photographer who uses OnlyFans as not only a showcase for his photography work but as a medium to connect with fans with photography tips and concepts.
  • Yalga is a crafter/cosplayer who connects with fans through the dual lens of her twin passions. While her content is visually provocative, she makes it clear in her profile that it is suitable for ages 16+.
  • Kiki Wong is an amazing guitarist who shares her badass riffs for her subscribers as well as fashion and fun.

Tell us about your OnlyFans experience

Whether you’ve only just started considering putting your brand on OnlyFans or if you’ve already begun to explore the space, we hope you’ve gotten something useful out of this guide.

If you have any tips you want to share from your own experience, please comment below!