Twitter 101 Cartoon – Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

Nothing bores me more than listening to a “social media guru” brag about how many Twitter followers they have. Listening to this self-important prattle is almost as irritating as hearing someone tell me how important their Klout score is. People who brag about number of followers rarely understand the value of Twitter and they have just jumped in the game to make themselves look important.

I see examples of these folks every day come through my email notifications and the image below shows a perfect example. This person has tweeted 41 times, has followed 99 lucky people, but has somehow attracted 6,738 followers. If this account is legit and hasn’t purchased followers, he or she has to be one of the most interesting people on Twitter because their tweets garnered an average of  164 followers for each tweet.

This Twitter account has a suspicious number of followers compared to their number of tweets and number of people they have followed.

The reality is, this person likely paid a fee and purchased Twitter followers. Believe it or not, this is becoming a pretty big business. Just Google “Buy Twitter Followers” and you’ll find links to tons of businesses that offer deals like the following:

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The question is….is it really worth it to buy followers? Sure, you can brag about how many people you have following you (if you can call spammy, robo-tweeters “people”), but those followers likely won’t visit ever visit your blog, buy your products, or share your messages in the future. So…basically, these purchased Twitter followers are of zero use.

Take my advice, folks. There is no value in buying Twitter followers. That is unless you are a self-important, pompous “guru” who likes to tell everyone how great they are and how high their Klout score is.

Too many folks try to go the easy route and buy Twitter followers. Unfortunately, the followers you get are usually not your customers or prospective customers, so the value of the followers is little to none.

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