Twitter Broke Facebook…Or Did Facebook Break Twitter?

Interesting developing this morning as I tried to share a Twitter link on Facebook. My niece is engaged in a social philanthropy contest, so I thought I would share the news on both Facebook and Twitter. The link to the tweet is here:!/socmedsean/status/28992445990

and looks like this:

The interesting thing happened when I tried to share a link to this tweet on Facebook.  I created a typical post and attached the link directly to the Tweet and Facebook scraped the link and returned this:

Look carefully and you’ll notice that this Facebook thinks it should link direclty to another Twitter account, specificially to MLxshot’s account. When you click that link, it takes you to the MLxshot page on Twitter. Boo!

I have tested this on different Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts and the result is the same. Any direct link to a specific tweet is sent to MLxshot’s account.

Hey Twitter….hey Facebook. Get it together!

For the rest of you, vote for my niece on her social philanthropy project 🙂

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  4. LOL, thanks for that! Gotta tell ya though, I got one of those new Eggs Boxes … lots of fun! Now, can you get my kids to stop talking in text?

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