Updated: Twitter Tip – Changing From Mobile To Standard Desktop View In Safari On The iPad

Note: There is an important update at the bottom of this post. Please be sure to read ALL THE WAY to the end!

This post has been updated with additional information about compatibility with Android-based devices. Check the Update at the bottom of the post for details. Also, if you’re trying to switch to the desktop view of Facebook, be sure to check out this post.

Wow…sometimes the simplest tasks can be made difficult.

As you may or may not know, I ‘m a big fan of Twitter. Generally, I use HootSuite on my iPad, but there are times that I need to use Twitter.com to perform tasks such as creating lists or just checking out people’s profiles from an email link. While the Twitter mobile site is significantly faster than the desktop view, I still prefer the standard view since it offers a lot more functionality.

Lists, for example. This morning, all I wanted to do was create a simple list of my tweeps located in Kansas City. Couldn’t do it in HootSuite so I switched over to the Twitter and somehow got stuck in the mobile version on Safari. So, I’ll just click the link to switch over to the desktop view, right? Wrong! Twitter’s mobile UI doesn’t offer a link to the desktop view when viewed on the iPad via Safari. Grr!

So, I switch to Google and type the following searches:

iPad switch Twitter mobile desktop – Nope.

iPad change Twitter desktop view – Nope.

iPad Safari switch Twitter view – Nope.

iPad switch between standard and mobile Twitter – Nope.

iPad change view Twitter standard mobile – Nope.

iPad change from Twitter mobile to desktop – Nope

Twitter allows you to switch between standard and mobile view when you visit their mobile site on a desktop. Drrrr!

Strange…you can click the link to the standard Twitter interface when viewing Twitter’s mobile site in Firefox on a laptop, but not on the iPad in Safari.

I even visited several iPad forums and the common answer was to switch to Atomic Browser. Really?? A whole new browser just to switch over to the desktop view of Twitter? I don’t think so!! This searching went on for about 20 minutes with a high level of frustration before I gave up on Google (something which rarely occurs for me).

Finally, I just got out my laptop, booted up, went to http://mobile.Twitter.com in Firefox and hovered over the link in the standard desktop view. Yes…when you visit Twitter’s mobile view on a desktop, there is a link to switch between views. I’m still scratching my head on that one.

So…for all you lost souls who are stuck in the mobile view of Twitter on your iPad, here is the magic process you can follow to switch to the desktop view.

1) Go to http://twitter.com and likely it will switch you to the mobile view.

2) in the URL bar, change the URL to https://mobile.twitter.com/settings/change_ui

NOTE: It is important that you ensure the URL has https and not http.

3) Twitter will redirect you to the login screen for the desktop view and you’ll need to log in again.

Ta-DA! Twitter desktop view!

I hope this saves someone else time and frustration.



UPDATE: It looks like Twitter has made some changes, most likely do to the hacks they experienced due to weaknesses in their mobile architecture. The bad news is they deactivated the ability to switch from mobile to desktop in Safari. So, how do you browse the desktop view on your Apple iPad? It’s easy. Just download the Chrome browser for your iPad and then browse to Twitter. Click the settings icon in Chrome and choose “Request Desktop Site”. The page should reload and you should see the Twitter desktop site instead of the mobile site.
UPDATE2: I have had a lot of questions asked about whether this same fix works for Android phones like the Galaxy S3 and on Android-based tablets like the ASUS Transformer. The great news is YES I have testing this exact same process on both the Apple iPad and the Android Transformer to make sure that it works. I also tested it on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the link works there, as well.

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