Twitter’s New “Who To Follow” Is A Welcome Addition

In case you haven’t visited the native Twitter website lately (really…who actually uses Twitter to tweet?), Twitter has added a nice little widget to the user home page providing suggestions as to who might be good folks to follow. The suggestion widget is similar to Facebook’s Recommendation widget and attempts to predict good matches based on your previous follows and the content of your tweets.

I tested about 25 suggestions from Twitter and found about 20 of them to be suggestions that match my interests, but my @socmedsean account is only following about 185 tweeps right now and they’re pretty targeted on the social media and pharma crowds. For this reason, it would be fairly easy for Twitter to guess who else I should follow. When I switched over to my @seanrnicholson account, which follows almost 1,000 people who tweet on a broad range of topics from Intranets to ECM, the suggestions were a little less target.

All-in-all, I think it’s a great technology to add to Twitter and will draw people back to the native site periodically to find new people to follow. It will also be interesting to see if 3rd party tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck add this functionality, as well.

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