Uncovering The Social Media “Secret Sauce”

What are the ingredients in the social media secret sauce?

Be humble.

Listen more than you talk.

Learn from listening.

Make friends, and share their content.

Don’t seek glory, spread the glory of others.

Create content that is useful to other people.

When I originally wrote this post, I was just jotting down notes and I accidentally hit “Publish” instead of “Save Draft”. The funny thing is that it was so simple that I received some comments, feedbacks, and retweets. So…rather than just fixing the mistake, I thought I would start with this list and ask my readers to share their additions to the list in the comments.

Let me know what rule you think should be added.



Comments And Reactions

  1. Awesome! Just awesome!

  2. Engage, contribute, and volunteer. Guest hosting Twitter Chats and helping Chat owners/Moderators to develop topics has really helped my presence.

  3. Simple and to the point. The 5th one is the hardest one for most to do, as the internet gives them a huge audience and hardly an repercussions for the things they may post. I really like it. It goes to show that things happen for a reason 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. And I’d add:
    Be human and recognizable.
    Be consistent and persistent in your presence.
    Share value and variety.

  5. It’s a great list you’ve put together. Find people online with compatible goals and/or interests and promote them. A rising tide lifts all boats. Follow through with what one says one is going to do and work to build a reputation as a good partner. Always be grateful for what others do for you …after all, they don’t have to do anything. Make web interactions at least as much about others as one’s self. Cheers! 🙂

  6. I would also add “think relationship” not “retail”

  7. I like the list so far. It is sometimes hard to promote others’ content without seeming spammy, though. Any ideas on striking a balance?

  8. A great list. I will aspire to it. I spend way too much time “Blurting” about my enthusiasms online 🙂

  9. Social media is a lot like dating – treat it the same way. Explore similar interests, communicate, get to know each other – determine if the relationship is beneficial for both and don’t ask them to marry you on the first date… take your time.

  10. Robert Phillips says:

    simple and clean….engage, engage, ,engage

  11. Some of the greatest things in the world happened by accident.
    It’s good to see it happen again.
    Bill and Friends of Bewitched

  12. Thanks Sean, all good! My motto is pretty much the same but shorter ‘do nice things’

  13. Engage and support your followers, build their trust in you.

  14. Hi Sean,
    Those notes are all you need.
    Sometimes simple is more than enough to get the message across.
    All I would add is:
    When using social media just be yourself.
    And if you happen to be friendly, open, honest an helpful to others then you will find that you get a lot out of using social media.

  15. have a product, well advertised people need

  16. You covered the most important points……!! You really Nailed it…!

  17. Jeff Stevens says:

    Spot on, and the last one is the hardest to do: Create content that is useful to other people.

  18. Make friends by asking specific questions..Good conversations come from having genuine interest in the other person.

  19. …and be patient! Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  20. Make friends, share their work. That’s the big one 🙂 I’d rather build my networks one person at a time verses loading them up versus spambots or software tools/purchases. True friends get to know you and vice versa, and usually hang around.

  21. Its all common sense but no one ever seems to think about these things. good work.

  22. Deliver the right message to the right people. Few people can create good content that serves a wide audience. Know your market and give them what they need/want, ideally just before they realize they need it.

  23. ‘Treat people as ends in themselves, not as means to an end’
    ‘Contact needs to be regular and often, but can be a little at a time’

  24. I can’t tell anyone how to be popular LOL, but I can share why I unfollow someone:

    Tweeting too much, all the time. Occasional tweetchats are fine, sometimes things happen that are exciting, so extra tweeting during those times are fine too. But more than 10 tweets every single day, better have something really interesting to read.

    Only promoting your book/product I don’t care how famous you are, if you’re just a tweeting spokesperson, I’m unfollowing.

    Tweeting links with no explanation – can’t believe people still do that.

    Daily paper.li tweets, but if their other tweets are interesting, I might overlook that. Same with numerous #FF’s, does anyone still click on those #FF’s?

    Klouts & Kreds, ewww!

    I don’t mind that people use timed-tweet programs if it’s only to spread out their neat links throughout the day, so they won’t slam their followers with 5-10 tweeted-links in a single hour.

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