UnSocial Social Media – Surfing LinkedIn Profiles As Anonymous

I’ll be starting a new series on SocMedSean that focuses on some of the most unsocial social media behaviors that I see in the digital space. In previous posts, I’ve covered items like:

This weeks comes focuses on those folks who surf LinkedIn profiles and choose to display themselves as anonymous. Really? When you visit my LinkedIn profile, I invite you to unmask yourself and show that you stopped by. Yes, I check to see who visited my profile on a weekly basis and I often reach out and connect with the folks who check out my profile. Who knows, I might be the connection that answers a question about your social media strategy, connects with you regarding a job opportunity or shares one of your blog posts with my followers.

Do you browse LinkedIn profiles and choose to be displayed as anonymous? Why?

Take off the mask, be social, share who you are.



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