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UnSocial Social Media – Surfing LinkedIn Profiles As Anonymous

I’ll be starting a new series on SocMedSean that focuses on some of the most unsocial social media behaviors that I see in the digital space. In previous posts, I’ve covered items like:

This weeks comes focuses on those folks who surf LinkedIn profiles and choose to display themselves as anonymous. Really? When you visit my LinkedIn profile, I invite you to unmask yourself and show that you stopped by. Yes, I check to see who visited my profile on a weekly basis and I often reach out and connect with the folks who check out my profile. Who knows, I might be the connection that answers a question about your social media strategy, connects with you regarding a job opportunity or shares one of your blog posts with my followers.

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Do you browse LinkedIn profiles and choose to be displayed as anonymous? Why?[xyz-ihs snippet=”Unsocial-Social-Media—A-Social-Media-Comic-By-SocMedSean”]

Take off the mask, be social, share who you are.