[ANSWERED] 7 Skills Every Marketing Student Should Learn And Why They Matter

In this guest post, Kevin Nelson shares his thoughts regarding skills that are important in a marketing career, but aren't necessarily taught in the classroom.

In this article, there are 7 important marketing skills that every aspiring marketer should learn.

Many students wrongly hold the assertion that a university degree is all they need to progress to and through their dream careers successfully. In fairness, that was the reality a couple of decades ago, back when a university degree was a significant achievement.

Skill #1: Good Oral and Written Communication

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In simple terms, marketing is the art of presenting products or services to prospective customers and convincing them to purchase or subscribe. 

Skill #2: Analytics And Evaluation Of Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing is more about words and visuals than charts and graphs. However, as technology continues to take center stage in our lives, businesses and agencies are now looking for marketers who can seamlessly integrate analytics in their work to achieve better results.

Skill #3: Interpersonal Skills And Positive Attitude

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Earlier, I talked about the significance of great communication skills to a marketing career. Above and beyond that, you need to develop the ability to interact, understand and talk to fellow human beings since, in case you didn’t know, that’s who you will mostly be dealing with.

Skill #4: Teamwork

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Marketing campaigns often require two or more people to undertake and most of the time you will be working with and alongside a team. It is thereby crucial to develop a healthy mindset towards teams and groups and learn to relate well with colleagues for effective performance.

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