[ANSWERED] Troubleshooting Facebook Issues Like "No Photo Description Available" Or Photos Not Displaying

If you are getting errors or Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp are just acting "wonky", here are the tips I follow to troubleshoot the issues. 

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

– Facebook pictures are not loading – WhatsApp messages aren't displaying or being delivered – You are seeing text instead of photos that says something like "No photo description available" or "image may contain: one or people sitting outside" or something like that (I'll cover what that is later).

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

– You can't upload a new photo to Facebook or Instagram – You can't edit or update an existing photo on Facebook or Instagram – Facebook Messenger tells you there is an unread message when there isn't (click for this fix) – Instagram photos not showing up or taking a long time to display

Click the link below for answers on how to solve all of those Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp issues you are experiencing.