[SOLVED] Instagram Banned My Account Before I Posted A Single Instagram Post - Here's What I Did To Fix It

Ever wonder what steps you have to take to get an Instagram account unblocked? Here's what worked for me. 

Step 1 - Appeal The Ban Using The Instagram App

To kick of the process, you need to appeal the ban using the Instagram app. That means attempting to login and then, when you get the ban notification, click the "Appeal" link.

Click the link below to learn more.

Step 2 - Wait For The First Of Additional Requests For Information

Again, the AI is trying establish that you are a human being and you aren't some shady, black-hat trying to make a new Instagram account and manipulate Instagram or use it for bad purposes.

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Step 3 - Prove That You Are REALLY A Human Being.

Now it starts to get kind of silly but Instagram wants to make sure I really, really, really am a human being.

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