How Do I Deactivate My TikTok Account in 2022?

Are you thinking about disabling your TikTok account or even deleting your profile permanently? Here are some things to consider and steps to take.

There is a big difference between deleting and disabling your TikTok account. When you want to disable the account, you go through the steps to delete your account.

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What Does It Mean to Disable or Delete a TikTok Account?

You can temporarily disable your TikTok account through a simple process. In your profile, tap the three-dot menu from the upper right corner.

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Can You Temporarily Disable TikTok Without Deactivating It?

To cut down on your use of TikTok, you may not need to completely shut down your account. Simply deactivating certain features can help you manage your TikTok usage. When you can use just the core functionality of TikTok, it may take up less of your time.

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Deactivating Only Certain Features of TikTok

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