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What Are Some Ideas For A Daddy Blog?

In the blogging world, it’s common to see blogs about motherhood, and the market for mom blogs can be a bit oversaturated. There is plenty of room, however, for daddy blogs.

Blogs that document the joys and trials of fatherhood are a unique way to reach other fathers. Blogging is a great opportunity to share written content, as well as create a “hub” for any video and social content that you have.

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Have you considered starting your dad or daddy blog but need some ideas and inspiration? Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started in your planning.

What Does It Mean To Create A Daddy Blog?

What Does It Mean To Create A Daddy Blog

A daddy blog documents parts of fatherhood. These blogs can be broad and general or niche-specific.

There are a lot of different content opportunities for starting a daddy blog. Some include:

  • Dad jokes and dad-related humor
  • Cooking and recipes for busy dads
  • Tips and tricks for stay-at-home dads
  • DIY projects that dads can do with their kids
  • Helping other people understand the world of being a dad

What Is a Broad or General Daddy blog?

What Is a Broad or General Daddy blog

A general daddy blog is one that publishes articles on a broad variety of topics and seeks to attract a wide, diverse audience.

A great example of a general daddy blog is one that publishes articles reviewing parenting products, highlighting day-trips with their kids around their local region, or that have humorous stories about raising kids. However, one challenge of a general daddy blog can be competing against a lot of other general sites for traffic and views.

What Is a Niche Daddy blog?

What Is a Niche Daddy blog

A niche daddy blog focuses on one aspect of the topic of dad-parenting and goes deep into content focused on that area of interest. The key to a successful niche daddy blog is to find a niche that has a wide enough audience and isn’t too tightly focused.

An example of a niche daddy blog that would have a wide enough audience, but is narrowly focused, would be one that shares recipes that any dad can cook for their family. Even though the recipe is really focused on dads who are cooking, there’s nothing to stop anyone from using the recipe, thus extending the potential audience.

A niche daddy blog that could be too narrowly focused would be a daddy blog focused on diapers, aptly named “Daddy on Diapers.” Sure, someone could review 30 different types of diapers and discuss the benefits of disposable versus cloth diapers, but eventually it’s going to get tough to write about diapers and the topics are going to dry up (yes…pun intended).

The key is to ensure that you don’t narrow the focus of your daddy blog too much. To help you out, we’ve come up with some daddy blog ideas to get you started.

Daddy Blog Idea #1 – A Daddy Blog Sharing All the Best Dad Jokes

Daddy Blog Idea 1 – A Daddy Blog Sharing All the Best Dad Jokes

The best everlasting example of fatherhood is the classic dad joke.

What does a tick and the Eiffel Tower have in common? They’re both Paris-sites! Ha!

The author of this dad blog could reach out to other dads in the parenting space and ask them to share their favorite dad jokes. The blog could show the evolution of dad-joke humor as kids advance in their ages and understandings.

Humor is a wonderful way to boost views. Everyone has experienced the joys of dad jokes, and this provides the reader with a way to connect with the blogger.

Daddy Blog Idea #2 – Gaming with Dad Blog

Daddy Blog Idea 2 – Gaming with Dad Blog

The author of this blog could show what it’s like to grow as a gamer with his kids, going through phases from Chutes and Ladders as young kids to Fortnite as teens.

Gaming provides new and fresh content with each new game that the child plays, so the blogging possibilities are endless here. It also provides dads an opportunity to bond with their children, which can also be featured on the blog.

Daddy Blog Idea #3 – Dad Travels Blog

Daddy Blog Idea 3 – Dad Travels Blog

Share family travel from a dad’s perspective! What is that smell in the car from the recent road trip? How can dads teach their kids about the value of traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures?

Dads can also provide tips for traveling with children, which is information that every parent finds handy. A dad travel blog can also focus on which travel areas are kid-friendly and which ones are not.

Daddy Blog Idea #4 – Daddy DIY

Daddy Blog Idea 4 – Daddy DIY

In this dad blog, the author would share all the DIY projects that he does with his kids. Whether it’s building a playhouse together or building a bug from craft foam and pipe cleaners, the opportunities are endless.

Working with crafting materials also provides a mental boost to kids and bonding opportunities for the dad and child while inspiring other fathers to be present in their child’s life.

Daddy Blog Idea #5 – Divorced Daddy Adventures

Daddy Blog Idea 5 – Divorced Daddy Adventures

This blog would share the experiences of being a divorced dad. There are a lot of men who would love a resource where a divorced dad shares his real-life experiences relating to sharing time with kids, spending time alone, and even getting back into the dating pool.

Many men don’t share their emotions or what they’re going through and running a blog about being divorced can help other men feel heard and understood.

With all of these blogs, keep in mind that you’re not just sharing your own life, you’re sharing part of your children’s lives. Be discerning about what you share and definitely involve your older kids in deciding how much to share.

Hopefully, you’ve found some amazing ideas and have been inspired to start a daddy blog! Are you a daddy blogger or thinking about becoming a daddy blogger? We’d love to hear your ideas for a daddy blog in the comments!

— Sean