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  1. I tried stepping away for a week or two, after that my engagement had dropped by more than 50 % and now i cant get it back up whatever i do.

  2. buy real Instagram likes says

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  3. I’ve tried some of the recommendations you posted here in the article but no avail. I just think IG does this on purpose so they force people to buy into their Ads.

    Lately though, I’ve been talking to an influencer and she basically told me how to make the algorithm work for her. She bought engagement services and used them in conjunction with a hashtag strategy. Basically the extra engagement offers a little bit of push towards ranking for the top 9 for the hashtags she’s using.

    She told me she found someone on Fiverr to help her with the hashtag strategy and used another guy to help with engagement

  4. Do you know why insta has stopped me writing captions on my own posts? Is this linked to shadow banning?

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