Why Android [STILL] Isn’t Afraid Of The iPhone 4

In light of the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S, I thought I’d revisit this post that I published back in January to see if the iPhone had made any headway into striking fear into the heart of Android phone owners. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like Apple has made any advancements toward solving the deficiencies that I identified almost a year ago. Too bad Apple owners:

  • still no 4G access
  • still no Flash
  • still no MicroSD slot
  • can’t turn the iPhone into a decent mobile hotspot (see 4G issue above)

Basically, the iPhone is still just an iPhone with a higher resolution camera. Great if you want to print out your photos and turn them into a mural to hang on your wall. Sure, Siri is nifty, but Android has had speech to text functions and Voice commands for a long time, so no big Android-killer there.

If you want to see an updated infographic comparing the new iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy SII, here’s a good one:


I still think the iPhone has the possibility to be a crazy, cool device…but it needs the basic features above for Android phone manufacturers to start quaking in their boots. Until then, Android will roll on as the #1 mobile OS.


Original article below published on January 17, 2011


Last week was a big week in the telecom space, with Verizon FINALLY announcing that it would be launching it’s own version of the iPhone 4 in February. There’s a lot of speculation out there about whether this will be a big blow to AT&T and whether Android will take a hit. I was very reticent to jump in the fray, but a great infographic from SkatterTech points out what I think are some of the key reasons Android phones likely won’t take a hit from the introduction of the iPhone on the Verizon network.

The features are bordered in red, and include:

  1. 4G – Hmmm…will you choose a phone that can use the fast network or the slow network.
  2. Flash – When HTML5 is everywhere, this won’t matter, but if you want to watch Hulu on your phone, you might want to pick the one with Flash capability.
  3. Google Turn by Turn Navigation – I love this feature on my Android phone and use it a lot. Saves me from having to buy a GPS and keep it updated. The iPhone may have Google Maps, but it doesn’t have navigation.
  4. MicroSD slot – More and more people are using their phones as the fourth screen, surfing the web and watching movies. Unless they are being streamed (see my 4G argument above), movies require space…lots of space. So having an expansion slot with unlimited space via MicroSD is perfect.
  5. Not on the infographic – Those that buy the Verizon iPhone are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise when they have to buy yet another handset to take advantage of Verizon’s LTE (4G) network. Why wouldn’t they just buy a 4G-ready Android handset and enjoy now what they will have to wait for with the iPhone?

Disagree? Think the iPhone will be an Android killer? I’d love to hear thoughts, input, feedback.

[Infographic courtesy of SkatterTech]

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  1. Jessia Pherson says

    Practically all this discussion on Siri amazes me. How can anybody rightly refer to a fairly uncomplicated voice recognition software program as artificial intelligence?

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