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Why Every Brand And Organization Needs A Social Media Community Manager

Warning: This post has some material that might not be suitable for reading while you are eating. Just letting you know up front.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, having a great social media community manager is critical to any organization or brands’ success in the digital space. A strong community manager not only listens for opportunities and builds relationships with their customers online, but also monitors the brand’s social channels and the online conversation to identify potential negative sentiment or disparaging issues that might arise. Once identified, the goal is to proactively address them as quickly as possible. But when there is no community manager dedicated, or the community manager isn’t monitoring properly, that negative sentiment or the issues don’t just disappear. Instead, they go unaddressed and often amplify with damaging results.

So…imagine what the more than 100,000 page fans and consumers of Kraft Dinner (the Canadian version of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) were thinking when they visited the Kraft Dinner Facebook page and got a full on view of the photos (see below) that were being associated with the Kraft product. Nothing like a heaping helping of pig poop to make you want to boil up some mac and cheese, right? How about photos of hunters proudly displaying the guts of their kills to get that appetite roaring?

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To be fair to the Kraft Community Manager, these photos were removed from the Kraft page within 36 hours, but the very fact that the photos were posted and remained live for a day serves as a good reminder to any companies engaging in social that you must dedicate the appropriate resources to monitor the channels and address any issues or negative sentiment.

Are you dedicating the right resources to monitor your Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel?